Why “Best Genetics”

Ms. Mo wants to create the best gene in China pig industry which is the propeller of producing more “safe pork”. The sole mission in mind.

  • I want Chinese consumers and families can be provided with safe pork, so I built this Company.
  • One of the means can help in food safety in China is to create the best pigs which is decease-free, easy to raise, use less or none medicines. The producers will benefit from such healthy parent herd and are able to produce good meat for consumers.
  • Ms. Mo strongly believes “the core is to create the best nucleus herd which is at the top of the pig chain. Only when we created a breed which is uniquely situatable for China environment, we can be strong in pig production. “

Stories of Pig Mama and Pig Dada

Ms. Mo is the successful investor in PE industry, she discovered that food safety is a major social issue in China, she then started her 3rd start up – a pig farm from ground zero.
Mr. Mo is a licensed Electrical Engineer enjoying his semi-retired life. He came to China and assisted his wife, to design and build the pig farm.
Both of them were > 50 years old and passionate about creating the best genetics for Chinese pig industry. One mountain…Two mountains…in the middle of Inner Mongolia …they started their pig venture….

Pig Mama from Wall Street

Ms. Monita Mo was born in Hong Kong. In her generation, China was a land of opportunity and she has passionate interest in and willing to venture to build business in China. Ms. Mo came to China in 2002 and explored various start-ups and investing opportunities and founded Ascend Capital Partners. In 2008, amid concern of increasing food safety in China, she believes farming will be the next major trend. After studying all the farming in poultry, fishing and others, she realized that pork is the main source of animal protein for Chinese people, roughly 60% animal protein consumed were from pork. Unfortunately, there was no good breeding farm which worth investing, then she decided to start one from square one. This was a tough call but it is important and vital to China pig industry.
It was a 360 degree change in many ways from passive investor role to starting a pig farm. I had learnt so many lessons along the path. Sometime there were joy, pain, worry, pressure, doubts in this pig venture. Pig farming is a long term investment, we must adopt a different attitude. Sometime patience is everything and we cannot rush with livestock.

Pig Dada, Professional Engineer from the U.S

Mr. Mo was also born in Hong Kong, He moved to Canada at age 16 and earned his engineering degree from University of Waterloo. He lived in USA for more than 30 years and practiced engineer consulting. He established his own consultant firm based in East Coast for > 15 years.

At Age 65, he decided to put a hold on his retirement life and came to China to start the pig venture with his wife. His challenge was to build a farm from ground zero; with no experience in pig farming or barn construction, nor operations. They travelled to many countries to learn about the industry, read many text books and attended many trade shows and exhibitions to learn about the latest technologies and applied them to Chinese environment which is very different from all other parts of the world.

Learning pig farming in foreign countries