Best Genetics Group BGG Overview

Chifeng Best Genetics Nucleus Biotech Group Co., Ltd (“BGG”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BGG. Chifeng Best Genetics Nucleus Biotech Group Co., Ltd (“BGG”) main business is to breed and produce BGG specific purebred GP pigs for China. The farm consists of two sites with total acreage of 3100 mu. Total investment is up to RMB 550M for both sites.
The first site has 8 pig barns with a total of 30,000 square meters. All barns are designed and built according to North American Standards with good airflow and highly automated temperature control. Auxiliary facilities includes a boar stud and AI stations; a feed mill center, an employee dormitory and offices. Similarly, Site 2 was built with equally high standards barns and commenced operation in Sept 2018.

BGG Mission

  • BGG will focus in swine production and breeding technologies. BGG will set up education and operational platforms for the purpose of supporting our downstream partners. BGG believes we can mutually benefit swine breeding industry in China and eventually China will stop the reliance of foreign import of breeding parent pigs.
  • We adopt industrialization, innovation and modern process to create a replicable high standard modern swine farming in China.
  • Through education, we can elevate swine farming knowledge and improve techniques in swine farming. We will promote concept of“ love pigs, care for pigs”; and spread this concept for “safe meat production” to our partners and our employees.

BGG Goals

  • By 2020, BGG will complete construction of GP farms. BGG will cooperate with best partners in the industry and will achieve 20% market share of Chinese purebred pigs.
  • By importing additional best purebred animals, BGG can modifies the breeding goals and objectives, BGG will be able to create purebred which is suitable for Chinese market.
  • Chinese people have maintained a love of black pork for thousands of years, BGG is committed to preserving the Chinese characteristics of black pig, maintaining the economic price and flavor of black pork.

Overall Planning

Inner Mongolia Area
Site 1, based in Chifeng, operations started in July 2013, we imported Canadian purebred and raise in Site 1.

Site 2, operations started in Sept 2018, built with the same standard as Site 1.

Both sites have boar studs. We strive to create an independent breed which is suitable for the Chinese market.

Hebei Area
We moved our black pigs from Beijing to Huaian and started operations in Hebei.

Our Current Focus

Create the model farm with good economic and best genetics from North America.

BGG model farms consist of total 6,000 sows which can supply 70,000 purebred parent pigs to customers annually; which in turn can multiply and produce 24 million commercial hogs for consumers. There will be a lot of jobs created along this process and will bring good income to many rural farmers and workers.

With the introduction of good nutrition, decease control methods and production technologies, our customer farmers will save money in feed and medicine costs.