Company History

In March 2011


In April 2011

Ground breaking ceremony was held at Houwujia Village, Songshan District, Chifeng City. Mr. ScottS.Sindelar of Agricultural Department Counsellor of the U.S. Embassy in China, Representatives from Chifeng City, Songshan District and other department leaders participated and congratulated BGG inauguration.

In July 2012

Ascend Capital Partner(“Ascend”) of Hong Kong and the Songshan Government signed a joint agreement in Hong Kong, with Ascend Investment invests in the construction of a high-standard high-tech swine breeding base located in Songshan District, Chifeng City, with an investment USD160M.

In December 2012

BGG Pinggu Farm(in Beijing) introduced 441 China Black Pig from Jinan City, including multiple species such as Meishan and Xiaofeitun.

In July 2013

Grand opening of BGG purebred breeding nucleus model farm. Ceremony was held in Chifeng with honorable guests from Ambassador and Agricultural Counsellor of Canada, representatives from COFCO Group and other enterprises; and government representatives from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regions, Chifeng City and Songshan District.

In August 2013

422 breeding pigs, the first batch imported from Genesis Canada to China. After 65 days of quarantine, arrived at BGG and safely checked into BGG base farm buildings.

In May 2014

778 breeding pigs, 2nd batch imported from Genesis Canada arrived to BGG. Including Duroc, Landrace, Yorkshire three breeds, consists of 19 blood lines, BGG began independent breeding program. First generation bred and born in BGG was sold.

In August 2015

BGG was awarded Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Modern Husbandry Demonstration Farm.

In December 2015

BGG was awarded “National High-tech Company“ and “National Husbandry Department husbandry standardization demonstration farm”

In December 2015

The first batch of orders for 5,000 purebred breeding pigs was shipped to COFCO's Wengniute Farm. Up to now, Chifeng breeding pigs have been sold to 15 large-scale breeding enterprises in 20 provinces.

In December 2015

Ms. Monita, Chairman of BGG, was awarded with Top 10 Outstanding Economic Person Award in the first session of Chifeng Recognition of Top 10 Outstanding Economic Person Award.

In June 2016

The chairman of the company, Monita, established the One Heart Sphere Charity Foundation in Beijing to provide assistance to children with serious illnesses and families with difficulties. So far, more than 22 million yuan has been raised to help and support more than 500 families, including 20 in Inner Mongolia and 6 in Chifeng City.

In October 2016

BGG took the lead in the country's swine industry to implement genomic selection program, through DNA screening techniques, early and accurate selection of high-quality pigs for breeding enterprises.

In December 2017

The "2017 China 50 High-Tech Top Growth" list released by Deloitte, the world's fourth largest accounting firm, BGG was awarded 28th place of the Deloitte high-tech top 50 enterprises in China, with a cumulative growth rate of 940% over three years, becoming the first Chinese agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises to be shortlisted.

In January 2018

The company was awarded the Poverty alleviation Industry Award by the Chifeng Municipal People's Government. Over the past seven years, BGG has invested more than 6 million yuan in various types of poverty alleviation funds and public welfare relief funds, held 48 training courses on breeding techniques, and benefited more than 5,000 people.

In August 2018

More than 40 well known university professors and authoritative experts from all over the country gathered in BGG to discuss how genomic selection can benefit the swine industry in China, a project initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture, based upon the successful experience of BGG breeding program to promote genomic selection within an appropriate time frame in China.

In August 2018

At the end of August 2018, BGG’s second base in Hajingou was completed and in full operation, so that BGG has grown to have breeding stock of 6,000 purebred sows and 300 purebred boars, becomes the largest independently owned and operated purebred swine breeding company in China and even in Asia.

In November 2018

BGG awarded the National Nucleus Breeding Farm of China.

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