Houwujia Farm

The first farm is located in Houwujia Village, Shangguandi Town, Songshan District, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, and covers an area of 1,600 mu (107 hectares) of land. The farm consists of 8 pig barns, 3,500 square meters each and each has a deep pit for storage of manure and waste water beneath the building; plus all other supporting buildings such as boiler building, warehouse/repair building, etc. This farm finished construction in late 2012 and is in full operation in 2013.

Hajingou Farm

The second farm is located in Hajingou Village, Dangpumanzu Town, covers an area of 1,500 mu (100 hectares) of land. This farm consisted of seven pig barns of different sizes, the biggest one is 8,000 square meters in area and the smallest one is 1,700 square meters in area. Each of these buildings has a deep pit beneath the building for manure and waste water storage. Other supporting buildings are similar to the first farm except this farm has a biogas plant and waste water treatment plant. This farm started construction from June 2017 and is in operation in August 2018.
BGG is a high tech breeding company and has total of 6,000 purebred sows and 300 purebred boars nucleus herd. Annually, BGG can produce 50,000 – 60,000 purebred breeding pigs, plus another 144,000 heads of commercial piglets to the market. BGG is the largest independent privately owned breeding company in China and Asia.

Chi-Huai Pig Farm

BGG’s black pig farm is located at Huaian of Hebei Province with the size of about 2000 mu of land. We acquired this unique herds from a research institution of Qingdao Province in 2011 and expanded from 200 sows with expected goal of 1000 sows. Chiwai pigs’nature are free-range animals, we adopt western mature breeding program to ensure the genetics can be inheritable. We use herbal herds as part of the health supplement and avoid using antibiotic which also can boost the immune system of the animals. The meat is higher in quality and target high-end customers.

AI Boar Station (Located at both sites)

Each of our sites have its own boar studs, total usesable area of 5,344.74 sq. mt, housing total 400 boars. We are the largest in size and the most advanced boar stud in Northern part of China. We have 70 sets of Nedep equipment measuring feed conversion. We use electronic ear tags to collect feed intake, daily gain, production and feed efficiency; measuring economic benefits on a real time basis. We supply annually about 400,000 doses of semen to customers nationwide.

Laboratory (Located at both sites)

BGG establishes 2 laboratories for each site,focusing on onsite testing of all the raw material used in the feed center; including mold, bacteria. These labs dilate blood samples for customers and government requirement; we perform vigorous and all the necessary pathogen test such as ASF, PRRS for the animals, barns and outside trucks, staffs to ensure that we are free of disease.

Advanced storage and feed production center to ensure feed safety

We try to ensure feed safety from the starting point of production and design a system to prevent mold and bacteria formation; loss of nutrition during storage and contamination during drying process. We hired expert from the U.S. to design our feed production center which is automated and computerized at the loading of raw materials to final products. We can produce 140 tons of fresh feed with 11 formulas on daily basis. We work with nutrition specialist from Europe and North America and modify feed formulas due to change of climates, crops harvest in China. Occasionally, we can supply feed to our customers as well.

We built a sizable liquified gas station to power the feed center; which can provide constant and accurate temperature during the production process and ensure no loss of nutrition and no pollution to the environment.

We built a secured and airy storage warehouse for all the raw materials. Our facility is designed to fend off mice, mold, other animals and theft invasion.