Design principle of piggery

Our 5-star housing barns are equipped with controlled temperature and humidity systems so that the pigs can live in a suitable stable environment. Such environment reduces sickness and enhance productivity of the animals.

Gestation barn
Farrowing barn
Visiting Corridor

Industrialized pig barn design

5 number 1 design features

First to install a fire alarm and protection system in accordance with international standards.

First to install HEPA air filter system in all the barns.

First to design water purification filter system for animal usage.

First to invent a HEPA air filter system for pigs transportation trucks.

First to install water piping system in the crates to maintain a difference of 30°F between sows and piglets temperature requirements.

Environmental friendly design of our barns

No wild animals around our site

Good design of biosecurity layout

The entire site layout design focused on bio-security rules; dedicated roads for workers, pig trucks and other vehicles. We create different zone for dirty (infected) zones, buffer zones and clean (disinfected) zones with straight rules controlling movements for both animals and workers. We impose minimum 4 days of quarantine period for visitors and return staffs from holidays. All customers can only view the animals through an enclosed and dedicated room.

Other Facilities

Feed Truck
Truck Washing facility
Separated roads for pigs and workers