Core Principles of BGG

We strongly believe

We must allied our employees to share the same corporate goals and objective. We must improve employees skill and hence promote a sense of belongings. We also need to increase the social status of farmers and our employees and provide better living for them. Make them proud of their achievement and happy with their work. For which is the fundamental of many livelihoods. With this solid foundation, we can build a good business in pig genetics with capable employees; hence strengthen the swine industry in China. With our good and health genetics, the downstream producers can easily produce “safe meat” which then benefits all the Chinese consumers and family.
With our best genetics and large scale production of purebred in China, China will be sufficient in providing parent pigs for the industry.
With our healthy herds, farmers can achieve good income in swine production.

Selecting the Right People

As the most advanced modern agricultural group company in China, BGG relies on science and hi-tech and focusing on breeding of purebred. We believe that talents are the most critical asset in our corporate development.
BGG is a good platform whereby all employees can learn, work and play hard and complement each other. Each person would accelerate his/her skill faster.  We instill “LOVE” and “HARD WORK” in our company; with these characters, everyone will have a positive attitude in life and work. Education achievement is not the most important element for promotion consideration.

Employee Training

In order to ensure consistent production process, BGG provides diversified and multi-level operational and theoretical training to all employees on a regular basis.
We organize seminars and invite overseas experts and professors from various Chinese agricultural universities who have been cooperating with us for years. We exchange ideas and share experience in pig production. We also include employees, local farms and other well-known companies to share business skills and experience in various topics.

Comfortable Living Environment

In order to improve employees' sense of belonging and social status, BGG is keen on providing the comfortable, clean and homey living environment to all employees. As a first-class company, we provide healthy meals and necessity to make our employees happy. 

Team Working Spirit

The pig farming industry needs the hard work of every employee working as “ONE TEAM” to keep consistent production process. We build a "family" concept that runs through all the employees’ heart and mind so that they will learn, respect and love each other. This is an important so that employees will pay attention to details and have less disagreement over minor matters.